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Reds: Relax, Enjoy, Dine in Style

The new child friendly licensed bistro and restaurant. Breakfast, lunch, tea, coffee, snacks and evening meals.

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Sun-Thurs 1030am-3pm

Fri-Sat 1030am-6pm

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Reds caters for all ages.  There's a walled soft play area for 0 to 2 year olds with lots of shapes for your children to build with and roll around on while you enjoy your coffee, meal and a chat.  There's also a padded two storey play frame for older children.  For the much older kids, dads certainly fall into this category, there's a retro games machine with lots of blasts from the past such as pac man, space invaders, galaxian - great for challenging the X-box and Play station generation!

All the activities are situated to the rear of Reds where you can sit and enjoy your meal whilst watching the children play.  This entire area is carpeted so it's nice and soft for those children who haven't quite mastered walking.

Reds has a sophisticated closed circuit television system which allows you to enjoy your meal at the front of the restaurant whilst still being able to watch your children playing in the rear.

It's an active, enjoyable, eclectic mix of bistro, restaurant and playground.  Everything created with kids of all ages in mind.  See for yourself and try some family food and fun the Reds way.