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Reds: Relax, Enjoy, Dine in Style

The new child friendly licensed bistro and restaurant. Breakfast, lunch, tea, coffee, snacks and evening meals.

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Delicious, healthy food for all the family.

Breakfast, Bistro, Childrens and Drinks Menus

REDS on the go Menu

Whether it's coffee, cakes or something more substantial Reds is the place to go, especially with the kids.  A delicious new eating experience for the whole family in a unique, happy atmosphere.

There's something for everyone, of all ages.  Reds has non-vegetarian and vegetarian/vegan menus as well as childrens' menus with allergy options and a wide range of beverages and snacks in a well designed, relaxed, child friendly and safe environment.  We carefully select all our produce and try to source it locally, where possible.

Reds' food is prepared, using the finest ingredients, by our skilled chefs.  Reds is not 'fast food' but if you're in a real hurry advise us of your food choices before you arrive and we'll meet your deadline.  View our mouth watering menus above.

Our childrens' food is all home made and healthy.   We do not add salt or preservatives to your children's food.  We also provide organic baby food. If you have any special requirements or questions just ask our friendly kitchen staff.

Reds's 'treats' counter offers delicious sweets, croissants and home made tray bakes.  We also serve a range of speciality teas and coffees.

It's a deliciously enjoyable, eclectic mix of bistro, restaurant and playground.  Everything created for the family.  Come see for yourself.